The True Cost : A Punch In The Face

Why is it so difficult to find quality basics that are beautiful and responsible? That's the question I asked myself in spring 2016 after reading an article about the realities of today's global fashion industry. A new idea began to grow in me.

A few months later, I became aware of the existence of the documentary The True Cost on Netflix. Here is the official trailer:

BAM! No choice, I had to take this seriously. In September 2016, I started to develop sweaters made in organic cotton completely manufactured in Montreal. I was now deeply convinced that it is essential to change our ways of doing things.

Nil Apparel was born. What we manufacture is unpretentious, without fla-fla. Just quality, responsible clothing, as it should be. Everyone has a white t-shirt, everyone has a black sweatshirt. We thought it was a step in the right direction to start.

Vincent Marceau